VuTalk Uninstall on LG G2

If suddenly your LG G2 phone started un-installing VuTalk don’t panic its not malware. LG decided to discontinue the VuTalk app and with it made sure that no one uses it anymore by automatically removing it from every phone that had it installed. The app that your phone downloaded automatically was used to delete all data that was kept on the phone by VuTalk and then removed itself.

The reasons they did that remain unknown, probably not a lot of users were using it and it turns out it wasn’t worth their trouble updating it. Unfortunately they didn’t warn users or given them the option to keep the app even if no longer supported. So if you were a fan of sending drawings to your contacts, LG just said ‘Tough Luck’ to you. If you know the exact reason, please post a comment to enlighten us too!

Android 4.2 Photo Sphere feature – a real innovation

Android 4.2 comes pre-installed on LG Nexus 4 which was announced yesterday (which seems like a great phone for its price, Quad Core Snapdragon S4 SoC, 2GB RAM, 720p display, 4.7inch screen and all the usual bells and whistles for 299 USD). One of the new features of 4.2 is the upgraded camera app which has a new shooting mode called Photo Sphere. It’s the next evolutionary step in the Panorama mode that digital cameras and camera-phones had for years, it allows you to shoot multiple photos from a single point and it automatically stitches them together seamlessly without any user effort. Unlike panoramas, it works both vertically and horizontally at the same time and you don’t really need to align edges manually, just keep shooting to fill in the gaps. After you are done you can navigate your photo sphere the same way you’d look around in Google Street Map. View the video below to get the idea:

This feature will probably be copied by the usual suspect and it won’t be long before your friends start sharing their ‘surround’ photographic experiences on Facebook; now all we need is Instagram support so users can start ruining their Photo Spheres as well.