Amazon Drive synced folder

Amazon Drive newest client supports folder syncing

Good news for data hoarders, Amazon Cloud Drive client popped up with an update today and to my surprise after installing what I assumed it was just a bug fix it included a highly requested feature – Folder Synchronization. A feature available in all other similar services such as Dropbox, Microsoft’s Onedrive and Google Drive. Even though Amazon Drive excels in one feature – offering unlimited space – until now it operated more as a backup service where you had to choose when, what and where to upload your files. Note that you could have sync functionality with Amazon Drive even before using third-party clients but it’s always nicer to have it built-in the official one. With the new version it automatically syncs any files you have in Amazon Drive’s online root folder and it allows you to pick any sub folders that are already backed up to be synced with your local Amazon Drive folder. In the meantime any new sub folders you create locally are automatically kept in sync.

Unfortunately syncing doesn’t have a placeholder functionality that OneDrive used to have and newer versions of DropBox implemented but at least they kept the option to back up files without having them synced.