Steve Jobs is not dead


Yesterday Steve Jobs sent his resignation to the board of directors of Apple and the internet went crazy. Everywhere you look, there’s people ‘crying’ about his decision. There’s articles about his life’s work, of how much he left behind, and of what kind of person he was. Everyone is looking back as if he is dead. I don’t hide the fact that I am not very fond of Apple and Steve’s reality distortion field, which makes me immune to all the trauma people have seem to be experiencing since the announcement of his resignation. I just feel like pointing out that:

1. He is still alive. Stop posting articles as if he’s dead (Read this for example.)
2. He’s still working for Apple – just not at the position of CEO.
3. He was just the CEO of Apple, a company that has tens of thousands of employees and each and everyone contribute to what makes their sum successful. Actually if you read this article you’ll see he’s not even the most important one.
4. Apple will continue making the same products.


Update: Well I guess now he is dead but at the time of writing he was not!