FineUploader: A well-thought HTML5 file upload component

FineUploader is a modern open source file upload component available for free to use in any web project. It uses the HTML5’s XMLHttpRequest2 object which allows asynchronous file uploading through the browser and has progress report (i.e. you can see how much of the file has been uploaded at any instant) without the need of server-side support or Flash. It also works with older non-HTML5 browsers down to IE7 by using the hidden iframe upload method – so no backward compatibility problems.

I’ve been using plupload until now but I’m giving FineUploader a go in my current project, plupload even though its extremely powerful its very heavyweight and its licensing is not as open as FineUploader’s. It’s very quick to setup, just include one CSS, one JS file and instantiate the uploader with a single Javascript statement and you are good to go. On the server-side, they provide out of the box file receiver implementations for PHP, node.js, Python, .NET, Java and even Coldfusion (People still use that?).

Latest version can be obtained from its Github page and you can view demos at